Crop Trials and Results

Premium Crops Research and Development

Premium Crops Ltd (PCL) are continually investing in research and development to improve our knowledge and understanding of the key crops in our product portfolio.


The principle obejctive of this investment is to support our growers with the latest and most relevant information to; maximise productivity; improve crop agronomy; and deliver the best possible quality to our end market customers.


The majority of the R&D programme focusses on two main areas of research;



A wide range of different tests and trials to improve the efficiency and productivity of crop management

- e.g. product testing of a range of diffferent crop protection inputs (i.e. herbicides, growth regulators, etc), sowing rate trials, etc.


The information gathered from these trials is subsequently reported to growers in our regular agronomy Bulletins and Newsletters and goes to support our numerous Extension of Authorisation for minor Use (EAmU) applications.


Variety Testing

Evaluation of new and existing varieties to ensure that the genetics that we offer will meet our end user needs and provide our growers with the best performance under UK growing conditions- e.g. Spring Linseed and Winter Linseed trials, HEAR variety trials  


The information gathered from these trials is used to create the PCL Variety Descriptive Lists: Spring Linseed, HEAR