Cereals 2018

1st June 2018

Spring Linseed, Marquise, Altess and VT50 (NuLin) start flowering

First ears appear on Infinity Red Wheat and Canary Seed plots

9th May 2018

Winter linseed in flower


April 2018

Winter Linseed plots running through stem extension

 Spring Linseed sown at the end of March is just emerging 

October 2017 - Establishment

Premium Crops HEAR and Winter Linseed plots progressing well.


The oilseed rape plots were sown at the end of August / early Sept and have emerged well. There were early attacks of flea beetles but these were controlled with relevant insecticides and activity since then has been minimal.


The winter linseed plots were sown in late September and plants are currently around 2 to 3 cm tall with 4 to 6 true leaves. Establishment is good with satisfactory plant numbers in all plots.



August 2017 - Handover Day

Premium Crops take over the management of their plot at Cereals 2018. A blank canvas for the show!


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