Winter Linseed 2017

Premium Crops maintain regular contact with a wide range of winter linseed breeders and test potential new varieties under UK conditions at trials hosted by NIAB-TAG and Scottish Agronomy.

For 2017 there are two winter linseed variety trials at;

A. NIAB-TAG South, Sutton Scotney, Hampshire


B. Scottish Agronomy, Kinross, Tayside


The trials are grown following a strict management protocol and include the full range of commercially available varieties e.g. Alpaga, Angora, Volga and Sideral, plus ten candidate lines under local evaluation for yield, stem characteristics, maturity and disease resistance. Data from these trials will be available post-harvest.


May 2017

NIAB-TAG Sutton Scotney

Crop in flower & a good attendance at the Premium Crops Winter Linseed Open Day


April 2017

NIAB-TAG Sutton Scotney

Good growth with stem extension well underway.

October 2016

Scottish Agronomy

Early establishment - plants just emerging