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Learn which specialist crops will earn you a healthy premium - Farmers Weekly 15th May 2017

There are a number of winter and spring cropping options offering farmers a profitable break crop next season by earning a healthy premium. However, they must have a market – so even though it is possible to add value without too much effort, it is essential that growers first secure a contract before they go into the ground.


Premium Crops featured in an article by Louise Impey at Farmers Weekly. To read more click here

Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted EAMU approval for use in Canary seed.

Starane Hi-Load HL MAPP: 16557 (333g/l Fluroxypr) has been granted EAMU (1133 of 2017) approval for use in Canary seed.
The product can be used on canary seed crops for use as birdseed from GS 12 to GS39 inclusive.
Maximum individual dose: 0.45l/ha