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Understanding the Benefits of HEAR - Arable Farming, June 2017

If a merchant offered £35/tonne more for your oilseed rape most farmers would jump at the chance. Yet that is exactly what high erucic acid rape (HEAR) provides - so why aren't more growers opting for this proftable crop?


For more information, download the article here or visit Arable Farming online and look for the June 2017 issue (page 34 & 35)

Learn which specialist crops will earn you a healthy premium - Farmers Weekly 15th May 2017

There are a number of winter and spring cropping options offering farmers a profitable break crop next season by earning a healthy premium. However, they must have a market – so even though it is possible to add value without too much effort, it is essential that growers first secure a contract before they go into the ground.


Premium Crops featured in an article by Louise Impey at Farmers Weekly. To read more click here