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Agrichem Hy-Pro Duet receives EAMU approval for linseed

Agrichem Hy-Pro Duet (prochloraz + thiram) has been given approval for minor use on Linseed (spring and winter) as a seed treatment, under MAPP No. 14018 and Authorisation No. 0148 of 2017. (10th January 2017)


"This is excellent news!  - The lack of an approved seed treatment fungicide for linseed seed has been a serious isssue since the removal of Prelude from the market last year." said Nigel Padbury, Seeds Manager for Premium Crops Ltd, "Linseed is one of only a few arable crops where minimum standards for seed borne diseases are applied at Seed Certification. Without an effective seed treatment the number of seed crops rejected due to disease was rising, with the innevitable risk to both seed costs and availability of prefered varieties"


The application for the Extension of Authorisation was lead by Agrii, supported by consortium of interested companies including Premium Crops. 

"Look at Linseed" - feature in 'The best choices to grow margins for spring crops' article in Farmers Weekly

"Spring cropping is an appealing option for those growers who are looking to suppress blackgrass and aiming to cut their production costs. So what are the most profitable crops to grow in 2017?"

- an article in Farmers Weekly (6th Jan 2017) by Melanie Jenkins