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Premium Crops Releases New High Erucic Acid Descriptive List for 2017

The latest version of the UK's most comprehensive comparison of Winter HEAR Varieties is now available.

Sponsored exclusively by Premium Crops the UK HEAR Descriptive List uses data from 23 diffferent trials distributed throughout the UK and conducted by independant organisations, such as NIAB TAG, Scottish Agronomy and Cambridge Arable Technologies.


The new Descriptive List for 2017/18 covers a full five years of variety testing from 2012 to 2016 and includes all of the major HEAR varieties compared with the two National List '00' control varieties. In addition to Gross Output and Seed Yield information the HEAR Descriptive List also features agronomic characteristics such as standing power and early vigour, plus disease resistance data including exclusive figures for Verticillium and Downy Mildew resistance.


For more information visit Premium Crops – Descriptive List of High Erucic Acid Varieties 2017/18

Lexus SX receives EAMU approval for Winter Linseed

Lexus SX (flupyrsulfuron-methyl) has been granted PSD approval (no. 20162798) under the Extension of Use provisions for the control of Annual Broadleafed Weeds and Blackgrass.


Premium Crops' Agronomist, Sam Deane, says "This is an important addition to the portfolio of herbicides available for use in Winter Linseed"