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Crop Passport




AIC  1/16


AIC 2/16



Crop Agronomy

For a useful aid in identifying pest and diseases of Linseed visit Identipest.co.uk and search by crop or symptoms



Combining Instructions


Health and Safety Data Sheets

Please click on the links below to download the relevant H&S Data Sheets for our seed treatment products.

Agrichem Flowable Thiram

Agrichem Hy-Pro Duet




Detailed below are the products listed by the Health and Safety Exectutive as having Extension of Use Authorisations for minor conditions. It is essential that anyone who needs to use a pesticide product in accordance with an Extension of Authorisation must read the text of the Extension of Authorisation before commencing any spraying operation. Links are provided below to the Authorisation document for each of the products.

All products below were Authorised at the time they were added to this list, while Premium Crops do regularly check the validity of the products and update the list accordingly, it remains the Grower's responsibility to make sure that the Authorisation remains valid at the time any product is used.


Afrisect 10 (cypermethrin) Agriphar S.A.

Agrichem Hy-Pro Duet (prochloraz and thiram) Agrichem (International) Ltd

Aphox (pirimicarb) Syngenta UK Ltd

Avadex Excel 15G (tri-allate) Gowan Comercio Internacional e Servicos Limitada

Bullion (flupyrsulfuron-methyl) Du Pont (UK) Ltd

Butisan S (metazachlor) BASF Plc

Calisto (Mesotrione) Syngenta Crop Protection UK Ltd

Caramba (metconazole) BASF Plc

Centurion Max (clethodim) Interfarm UK Ltd

Clayton Lanark (lambda-cyhalothrin) Clayton Plant Protection Ltd

CleanCrop Corsair (lambda-cyhalothrin) Agrii, a trading name of Masstock Arable (UK) Ltd

Cyperkill 10 (cypermethrin) Agriphar S.A.

Difcor 250EC (difenoconazole) Q-CHEM nv

Filan (Boscalid) BASF plc - see also; Filan (MAPP 11449)

Flagon 400 EC (bromoxynil) Makhteshim-Agan (UK) Ltd

Fusilade Max (fluazifop-P-butyl) Syngenta Crop Protection UK Ltd

Hallmark with Zeon Technology (lambda-cyhalothrin) Syngenta UK Ltd

Juventus (metconazole) BASF plc

Klartan (tau-fluvalinate) Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd

Lexus SX (Flupyrsulfuron-methyl) Du Pont (UK) Ltd

Life Scientific Lambda-Cyhalothrin (lambda-cyhalothrin) Life Scientific Ltd

Major (lambda-cyhalothrin) Makhteshim-Agan UK Ltd - see also; Major (MAPP No. 16023)

Markate 50 (lambda-cyhalothrin) Agrovista UK Ltd

Mavrik (tau-fluvalinate) Makhteshim-Agan UK Ltd

Mavrik (tau-fluvalinate) Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd

Permasect C (cypermethrin) Nufarm UK Ltd

Plover (difenoconazole) Syngenta UK Ltd

Proline 275 (prothioconazole) Bayer CropScience Ltd

Sergeant Major (lambda-cyhalothrin) Makhteshim-Agan (UK) Ltd

Sergeant Major (lamda-cyhalothrin) Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd

Sultan 50 SC (metazachlor) Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd

Sunorg Pro (metconazole) BASF plc

Supasect (cypermethrin) Agriphar S.A.

Toppel 100 (cypermethrin) United Phosphorus Ltd

Toprex (difenoconazole and paclobutrazol) Syngenta UK Ltd


The above is a list of all products listed on the HSE website and as such does not represent Premium Crops' endorsement or recommendation for use.


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