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UPDATE: Deadline extended in Emergency Use Approval for ‘SPOTLIGHT PLUS’ on Linseed

The ‘Spotlight Plus’ Article 53 emergency authorisation on linseed has been extended to 23 September 2020 following an appeal to CRD to allow more time for growers to utilise this emergency authorisation.

Click HERE to download the amended Authorisation document

‘SPOTLIGHT PLUS’ Achieves Emergency Use Approval for use on Linseed For Seed Production Only

Spotlight Plus (ai. carfentrazone-ethyl) MAPP Number: 18698 has been granted Emergency Use approval for use as a desiccant on Linseed by the HSE's Chemical Regulation Division (CRD).

The approval is limited to use on Seed Crops only and ends on the 31st August 2020.

A full copy of the original Approval document can be downloaded HERE

NOTE: This Approval has subsequently been amended - click here to see the UPDATE