Spring Linseed 2019 - Sutton Scotney

Premium Crops Spring Linseed trial at NIAB South is the location for our main variety trial where all of the major commercial varieties; Nulin (VT50), Marquise and Empress are tested alongside French commercial varieties and new lines from various different plant breeders.

Location Map - NIAB-TAG Sutton Scotney

 Sowing Date: 12th April

The main variety trial includes the varieties: Altess, Marquise, Omegalin, Empress, Juliet, Bingo, VT50 (Nulin), Scorpion and a host of new lines from our plant breeding partners.

Within this trial there are seed rate trials to test the yield stability over a number of years from different seed rates.


For 2019, Premium Crops are working in partnership with Sencrop to access weather data for a number of our trial sites.

Sencrop Weather Station at Sutton Scotney

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This data will be updated weekly...

The weather data for Sutton Scotney from sowing to the latest update is given below.

Suton Scotney Weather Data - 8th April to 14th June 2019


Growth stages:

17th April - Emergence

14th May - Three true leaves