Winter Linseed Trial 2019 - Glenrothes, Scotland

Premium Crops Winter Linseed trial at NIAB South is the location for our main variety trial where all of the major commercial varieties; Alpaga, Volga and Sideral are tested alongside French commercial varieties and new lines from various different plant breeders.

Winter Linseed Trial 2019 - Glenrothes - Location Map

 Sowing Date: 27th September 2018

The crop established well in October 2019

Winter Linseed Trial 2019 - Glenrothes - October 2018

Cold weather in the spring has delayed stem extension and the crop was still relatively small but perfectly formed (~10cm) in March 2019

Winter Linseed Trials 2029 - Glenrothes - 28th March 2019

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