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Cefetra Ltd - Slavery Statement 2018.


Cefetra purchases worldwide, from carefully selected suppliers, many of which the company has

worked with for many years and developed long lasting relationships. In general, North-

west, Central and Southern Europe are the groups sales markets. In the UK and Ireland Cefetra is the preferred supplier of a large number of animal feed producers, millers and distilleries.


Cefetra has a policy of selecting chain partners who together with the company, want to achieve a healthy balance between people, planet and profit. Cefetra aims to make sure that the raw materials are cultivated and processed under ecologically sound and socially responsible conditions.

Cefetra Ltd. supplied a wide range of commodities including grains, oilseeds and oilcakes as well as other non-grain feed ingredients, loading on average 700 trucks per day and delivering 80,000 tons per week. The company believes in 'continual professional development' and provides all staff with both in house and external training and educational programs. The number of staff employed within the Ltd group is 130+ people.


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