Canary Seed FAQ

Canary Seed FAQ

Q Is Canary Seed profitable?
A Canary Seed will produce a similar Gross Margin to Spring Linseed.

Q Is Canary Seed a break crop?
A Yes, similar to a short term Ley.

Q Where geographically can Canary Seed be grown?
A Anywhere in mainland UK.

Q What soils can it be grown on?
A Canary Seed likes moisture retentive soils, so is ideal for heavier land.

Q When do you drill it?
A Mid-March to mid-May.

Q What about weed control?
A There is a range of pre and post emergent options for both grass weeds and broad leaved weeds. Note there is no post emergent grass weed control.

Q When is it harvested?
A Usually mid to end of August (before Linseed).

Q What yield can I expect?
A Yield ranges from 1.5 – 3.0 t/ha depending on the season, but similar to Spring Linseed.

Q I have heard that Canary Seed can be a real problem to control in subsequent crops?
A No it is not, you are confusing it with Canary Grass which is a creeping perennial. Most of the grass weed killers that you would use in cereals or broad leaved crops will control Canary seed.

Canary Seed