Cereals 2022

Premium Crops is proud to, once again, be associated with the Cereals event on the 8th and 9th of June 2022. This year we shall be presenting an array of added value arable crops in plots for visitors to see and discuss with our highly experienced team.

For the 2nd year running the neighbouring stand will have Cefetra and AngloAmercian Plc with a display of crops and plots grown using POLY4 the polyhalite based natural, fertiliser product.

 View across Premium Crops stand at Cereals 22 November 2021 2 Smaller

Image: View across Premium Crops Cereals stand in November 2021

At the beginning the HEAR plots have been protected from the worst ravages of Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle by some protective netting and in the mild autumn temperatures the crop has established well..

HEAR OSR Plots under fleece at Cereals 2022 November 2021 smaller

WInter Linseed, sown a few weeks after the HEAR, has also established well...

Winter Linseed Plots at Cereals 22 Nov 2021 smaller

Other plots on display at Cereals include; Spring Linseed, Canary Seed, Naked Oats, Red Wheat and Borage. Further site updates including images of those crop plots will be added to this web page periodically over the coming weeks.

January / February

The Cereals site in Cambridgeshire is looking well, the winter crops are well established.

Winter Linseed Plots

Image: Winter Linseed at Cereals - February 2022

HEAR Plots

Image: HEAR Plots at Cereals - February 2022

The weather at the site through December and January has been relatively mild with an average temperature of just over 6 deg.C and only a few light frosts. Rainfall in January was been unusually low.

Sencrop data Cereals site December to Februrary 2022


The Canary Seed, Spring linseed and Red Wheat seed has been delivered to the site in anticipation of sowing all these plots in the coming weeks.

March / April

The HEAR plots have established well and are in full flower

HEAR plots in April

The Red Wheat sown in late January is establishing well

Red wheat plot

 The Spring Linseed and Canary Seed plots were sown in March and are now emerging under fleece.

IMG 9545 spring linseed plot under fleece smaller

A relatively dry March has been followed by a wetter period in April...

Sencrop weather data Cereals site March April 2022

May / June

The Plots are looking good for the show...

IMG 9707 Joint Stand view smaller


Sencrop weather data Cereals site May June 2022

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