Millet FAQ


Millet FAQ

Q When do you drill Millet?
A Millet is a late drilled crop so can often fit in after late lifted root crops. Typical sowing times are end of April to end of May, making it the ideal late drilled option.

Q Is Millet profitable?
A Millet will produce a similar Gross Margin to other Spring break crops.

Q Is Millet a break crop?
A Yes, similar to Maize.

Q Where geographically can Millet be grown?
A Most areas of England, although we would avoid cold exposed sites.

Q What soils can it be grown on?
A Millet it is a C4 plant, so it is particularly suited to light and medium soils (avoid soils likely to become waterlogged). It is more drought tolerant than other Spring crops.

Q What about weed control?
A There are post emergent options for broad leaved weeds. There is no post emergent grass weed control. Millet is very competitive once crops start to grow.

Q When is it harvested?
A From mid-September onwards.

Q Is it difficult to harvest?
A No, harvesting Millet is more akin to that of Cereals.

Q What yield can I expect?
A Yield ranges from 2.5 – 4.5 t/ha depending on the season.

Q What do I do with the straw?
A It can easily be chopped and incorporated

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