Spring Naked Oats

Spring Naked Oats

With growing markets in birdseed, pet food and animal nutrition, Premium Crops has now got the opportunity for you to grow Spring Naked Oats. The nutrient-dense grains provided by naked oats deliver high energy, and this has been met with increasing demand. We are thus in a position to offer generous contracts with significantly higher premiums.

Spring Naked Oats can help with black grass management, as they provide a long stale seedbed. They make a very good break-crop, are easy to grow and they share most of their agronomic practices with husked oats.

They typically yield around 20 – 25% lower than conventional husked oats, at 4 -5t/ha, but due to the premium market we can offer a significantly higher value contract at almost double that of husked oats.

The crop is harvested in August in the South of England, and September further north. They are straightforward to harvest and dry, and storage poses very few difficulties if you are already set up to handle wheat or barley. There should be a good quantity and quality of straw, with a value of up to £125/ha.

Spring Naked Oats

What are Spring Naked Oats?

  • Naked oats are oats grown for their lack of hull, with largely similar agronomy to husked oats but slightly lower yielding
  • There is rising demand for naked oats in the markets for birdseed, pet foods and animal nutrition
  • Increasingly used in the health food industry, they are high in fibre, nutritious and gluten free

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