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Premium Crops are once again proud to be the Registration Sponsors for Cereals 2023, which is taking place at Thoresby Estate, Nottinghamshire on the 13th and 14th June 2023.

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Spring Crop plots have now all been sown, including the spring linseed varietiues, red wheat, naked oats and canary seed.

The Spelt wheat is growing well with the covers removed......

Spelt Wheat 3 Apr 23

HEAR plots are coming into flower...

HEAR plots 3 Apr 23

Winter Linseed is responding to the warmer weather and plots are filling out well...

Winter Linseed 3 April 2023

In addition to the Sencrop rainfall and temperature monitor, we now have an anemometer to give wind speed and direction

 Sencrop machines 3 Apr 23

April weather has continued to be wet, with over 33mm in the first half of the month, and temperatures continue a slow climb...

Sencrop data Cereals 1st to 17th April 23


Spelt Wheat plots establishing well under cover to keep off pests...

Wheat under cover 3 March 2023

Winter Linseed plots have come through the winter well and are poised for spring re-growth..

Winter Linseed 3 March 23

The March weather has been a lot wetter with total rainfall over 90mm

Sencrop data Cereals March 23



The HEAR plots have survived the winter well under protectoion to keep off the flea beetles.

HEAR OSR Plots at Cereals

The winter linseed plots are also looking good in the February sunshine...

Winter Linseed - 7 Feb 23

The Sencrop weather data for the winter shows two or three cold periods during the winter and highlights the dry conditions during January...

Sencrop data Cereals Nov 22 to Feb 23




The HEAR OSR at the cereal sites is nicely established and ready for winter. The weather data below shows the total rain for September-October.


cereals new from field hear

Figure 1 HEAR at Cereals site, mid October

cereals neews from field sencrop

Figure 2 Sencrop weather data for Cereals site


Our Winter Linseed at the Cereal site is looking well and clean also.


cereals news from field wlin

Figure 3 Winter Linseed at Cereals site, mid October




The HEAR variety plots have already been sown at the site and the plants are establishing successfully under a mesh protection to keep the flea beetles away...

 Sencrop Sensor at Cereals 2023

 Premium Crops have posted a Sencrop weather sensor at the site for the past month and the data so far is showing 71.9mm rainfall and average temperatures of around 18 deg C...

Sencrop Data Cereals 23 Aug and early Sept 2022


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