HEAR Testimonials

HEAR Testimonials

"We became growers of HEAR OSR in 2004/2005 growing season.  Year on year the crop has performed very well, producing gross margins to keep HEAR firmly in our rotation."

Robert Wright, PA Wright & Sons Ltd, Atherstone, Warwickshire

"We grow HEAR to add value, in other words to increase the gross margin of our Rape."

David & Roger Barron, G & J Barron, Colchester, Essex

"I have grown HEAR for over 10 years and the premiums available have made it the biggest gross margin on the farm for many seasons. Why would you not grow HEAR?"

Bill Black, Rockinham Farms, Triptree, Essex

"We only grow HEAR and the contract terms that we have make it more profitable than growing conventional rape”

Al Brooks, Faccombe Estates, Hants


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