High world protein prices have underpinned the value for white lupins. They are one of the best break crops you can grow, and they have simple agronomy. 

Lupins are very easy to grow and agronomy requirements are cheap and straightforward. Lupins require a normal spring seedbed, little or no fertiliser and very little in the way of sprays. Lupins can be made into silage, crimped, or dry combined. This coupled with rising feed prices, is one of the reasons why we have seen huge expansion in the UK Lupin area over the last few years.

Lupins offer many advantages … ƒ 

  • Guaranteed market. ƒ
  • Significant premiums over other pulses. ƒ
  • Easy, straightforward quality criteria. ƒ
  • Cheap and easy to grow. ƒ
  • Fantastic break crop.
  • The best wheat crops on the farm are after white Lupins. ƒ
  • Very effective nitrogen-fixing crop. ƒ
  • Compatible with all other crops in the rotation, including peas, beans, OSR, sugar beet, etc. ƒ
  • No significant pest or disease issues. ƒ
  • Spring sown break crop with strong environmental credentials. ƒ
  • Count towards the legume area for greening purposes. ƒ
  • White Lupins are suitable for all soils up to a pH of 7.9. ƒ
  • Well proven varieties with ‘Dieta’ the UK’s most popular white lupin, and new variety ‘Volos’.

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