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Winter Linseed Harvest Results

"I harvested my Winter Linseed on 6th August. This is my 3rd year and every time the harvest has been a doddle with the straw chopping easily. I am growing another 22 ha for 2016"
Derek Dyson, R & PM Dyson, Hull, East Yorkshire


Winter Linseed Harvest Results


"The winter linseed harvested like a dream. My best field did 3.96t/ha and the worst 3.50t/ha. I have 80- 120 ha planned for 2016"
Tim Parker, Parker Farms (Bassingbourn) Ltd, Duxford, Cambridgeshire

"We've grown Winter Linseed twice now and this year we cut our crop on 23rd July. It was easy to cut, even though it was a dull day. It yielded over 1 tonne/acre and we will be growing again next year"
Eric Lewis, E & M Lewis, Dymock, Gloucestershire

"I have grown Winter Linseed for 6 years now and am growing again next year. This year we started cutting on 20th July. It is very easy to harvest, is an excellent break crop and an excellent entry for wheat."
Roger King, R J King & Sons, Taunton, Somerset

"Flew through my Winter linseed on the 3rd August even though it was a dull day. It did 2.5t/ha and I have booked another 18ha for 2016"
Robert Barclay, W K Lewis & Partners, Pershore, Worcestershire

New Staff and Cereals 2015 update

Premium Crops has been joined by two new staff members in the last fortnight. Helen Barnsley-Parsons has joined us in Administration and Oliver Walton will be assisting Aidan in Logistics. Helen comes from a military background and is looking forward to applying those skills to the company while Oliver comes from a logistics background and is new to the agricultural sector.


We hope you all enjoyed our stand at Cereals this year and found our crop trial plots interesting and informative.


Cereals 2015