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New EAMU for Basilico provides opportunity for linseed

Controlling weeds in winter and spring linseed will now be much easier with the approval of an Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU) registration for the maize herbicide Basilico.

Manufactured by off-patent manufacturers Life Scientific, Basilico contains 100 g/l mesotrione and is reverse engineered from the reference product, Callisto.

Previously used as a post emergence herbicide in crops of grain and forage maize to control annual broad-leaved weeds. Basilico’s new EAMU allows the product to be used on both winter and spring linseed as a pre emergence treatment. The maximum rate of use is 1.5 l/ha.

“The area of linseed is increasing in the UK as growers look for alternative break crops to oilseed rape, so it’s great news to be able to offer an additional herbicide option for this crop,” says Ruth Stanley, Life Scientific’s country manager.

“We have worked closely with Linseed specialist, Premium Crops, who have helped us with the EAMU submission.”

“Basilico offers good control of difficult weeds such as polygonums and fat hen, and is our preferred herbicide option,” says Hannah Foxall, Premium Crops linseed agronomist. 

“Its important to recognize that the best results come from applications to moist soils immediately after drilling and rolling. Using Basilico often removes the need for further post-emergence herbicides.”

The EAMU can be downloaded from the CRD website or

"Linseed management and harvesting no longer a barrier" - Farmers Guardian 18th December 2020

The use of linseed as a spring break crop is increasingly on the agenda for many growers...according to recent research conducted by Arable Farming on behalf of Premium Crops looking at spring break crops grown for harvest 2020, and attitudes and intentions towards crops for harvest 2021.

Spring Linseed Making for an Easy Harvest

Eric Lewis of E. and M. Lewis, Gloucestershire, grew Empress and Marquise spring linseed this year and achieved a yield of 1.1 tonnes per acre (2.7mt/ha).

Mr Lewis had no problems with harvesting. He says: “It was very easy to cut on September 3. I used Round Up for the first time after years of using Reglone and I preferred it. Then, 28 days after application, we flew through it.”

Gordon Redman, Bedfordshire, also confirms the ease of harvesting when it comes to winter linseed.

This year he grew a crop of Sideral winter linseed which was harvested on July 24 and moved off-farm of August 2.

He says: “It was the easiest linseed I have cut to date. Winter linseed is staying in the rotation and we have the new variety Attila going in this autumn.”

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