Winter Linseed 2019 - Sutton Scotney, Hampshire

Premium Crops Winter Linseed trial at NIAB South is the location for our main variety trial where all of the major commercial varieties; Alpaga, Volga and Sideral are tested alongside French commercial varieties and new lines from various different plant breeders.

Location Map = NIAB-TAG Sutton Scotney


Sowing Date: Mid/End September

Weather Data: The weather data is below for rainfall in blue and the average temperature the orange line,  with the variation in temperature over the day yellow.  The crop growth stage on the 21st March was  20-30cm depending on variety . The crop was harvested on the 28th July 2019.

Winter Linseed Trial - Sutton Scotney - October 2019
Winter Linseed - Sutton Scotney - January 2019
Winter Linseed - Sutton Scotney - January 2019
Winter Linseed Trials Sutton Scotney - 9th April 2019

 The plots are in flower on the 20th May

Winter Linseed Trial Sutton Scotney in flower on 20th May

The Winter Linseed trial looked good for the NIAB South Open Day on the 18th June, when over 150 visitors tolerated the rain the to see the trial. The poppies are in the discard area which has not been sprayed, the fact that the trials themselves are clear of poppies is a clear demonstration that the herbicides do work!!

Winter Linseed at NIAB South Open Day - 18th June.

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